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Elite Exams provides fast and professional medical examination services to corporate clients throughout the Chicago metro area.

Our mission is to ensure each of our clients and their patients receive impeccable service, professionalism, and the highest standard of care in each and every interaction.

As a registered affiliate of EMSI, Elite Exams believes our company’s success and growth is a direct result of our agents’ satisfaction.

  • It has been an honor and pleasure to work with John Pena of Elite Exams for over 10 yrs. He's punctual, attentive, and reliable. My clients love working with him.

    Cardell McCollum 
Legacy Strategies Group
  • I am extremely happy with John Pena of Elite Exams and is an absolute pleasure to work with him.  He is extremely responsive to when we reach out to schedule an exam, is available early mornings & weekends for our clients and is extremely professional.  We had to try another vendor recently a couple of times while John was on vacation – and had one client complain because they were bruised from the blood draw and one time the examiner never showed up.  We love knowing that with John our clients will have a great experience – highly recommended!

    Ark Rusak Farmers Insurance Presidential Council
  • We have been working with John for many years. He is wonderful to work with. He responses quickly. He is timely, communicative and always does a great job. He is the first examiner that we will think of when we need help. We are very thankful for his patience and nice personality. I remember one time that he waited for 2 hours for a senior to provide her urine sample. He kept his smile during the whole process and tried to help the agent to comfort the senior. Additionally, he is experienced with bilingual customers. His professionalism and sincere service made us a loyal client. We highly recommend John for your medical exam.

    Ken Qian, Sunny Huang, and Emma Li World Financial Group, South Loop Chicago Team

Flexible Scheduling

In addition to our service level, we pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate a wide range of  scheduling needs.  This is accomplished through the wide breadth of our examiner network in the Chicagoland area.

Fast Turnaround

You can count on us to ensure fast turnarounds and minimal scheduling delays. Our examiners undergo a mandatory orientation with a senior examiner to ensure their conduct, appearance, and professionalism are always on point.

EMSI Examiners

When you choose an EMSI examiner, you are working with a member of the leading nationwide network of independent medical professionals skilled in providing mobile phlebotomy, paramedical exam and other medical services.

Our Exam Services

Elite Exams provides a variety of medical examination services including:
  • Paramedical exams
  • Blood/Urine/Oral collections
  • EKG/ECG tracings
  • TVC’s
  • Treadmill stress tests/X-ray (at nearest med. facilities)
  • Corporate health screenings
  • Individual wellness screenings
  • NIH/University/Hospital stud screening services
  • DNA Paternity court/immigration ordered services
  • Drug testing
  • Attending physician statements

About Us

John Peña leads the executive team at Elite Exams. Mr. Peña served in the United States Armed Forces and applies the discipline, experience, and passion for serving others to the fundamental core of Elite Exams, which is expressed in everything they do.

Mr. Peña served as an aero-medic in the US Air Force for twelve years from 1994 – 2006. He holds several awards recognizing him for honors in the field of combat medicine, as well as in a clinical setting. His highest commendation is the US Air Force Achievement Medal, for which he was recognized for standardizing a procedure for delivering high risk newborns. To this day, this procedure saves the lives of countless critical newborns throughout military hospitals around the world.

In 1999, John became a paramedical examiner with PSA of Anchorage Alaska chartering the Oil industry before moving onto Approved Med Services EMSI of Northbrook, Illinois and APPS of Illinois. On his weekends and downtime he served with the Air Force Reserves on board the oldest C-130 E Hercules fleet, flying with the famous “Flying Vikings” and received the highest flying safety award in the U.S. Air Force.

He then moved took a position that enabled him to control of scheduling and supervising the quality and professionalism of the examiners than can be presently found in the market today. John is the Owner and the Executive PME of Elite Exams.


Schedule an Exam

To schedule an appointment with Elite Exams, please send an email to scheduling@eliteexams.com including the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your company
  • Your phone number
  • Name of the insured
  • The Insured’s phone number
  • Requested date and time for exam
  • Type of exam

For expedited service, call our Chicago Scheduling Desk at (708) 833-9435.

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Executive PME
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